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Family Home Evening: The Book of Mormon

Tonight we are having visitors over FHE and I am very excited about it. Many times we end up watching a conference talk and then have a long discussion about what we heard, but tonight I thought that I should be a little more formal and organized with my FHE lesson plan.

The lesson that I received in my inbox today (from LDSLiving) is on The Book of Mormon. The lesson focuses on how The Book of Mormon is a book with a promise.

My husband and I are reading The Book of Mormon together and it has been very exciting to get caught up in the stories, the conflict and the proof that God does love His Children.

The Book of Mormon lesson can be downloaded for you to use tonight in our home. Enjoy!


Monday’s FHE Lesson

The Holy Ghost

Monday’s lesson, provided by LDS Living, is on the Holy Ghost. I giggled when I saw that the activity for this lesson is Hot or Cold, which I often played in my youth. I remember my brother and I hiding things around the house and then giving each other hints of varing temperatures (cold, warm, warmer, hot, very hot, you are buring up…) to clue us into where the item had been hidden. We always found what we¬† were searching for, but only if we listened to the directions.

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