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  • The sisters who post at Sister Somebody speak as individual members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but not for the church as a whole.
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What is the purpose of Sister Somebody?

The purpose of Sister Somebody is to allow 4 very different women to express their beliefs, opinions, and lifestyles.  They are all 4 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but they do not speak for the church…only for themselves.  It is their hope that as you read about their devotion to their Savior Jesus Christ and their desire to return to live with their Father in Heaven, that you will see pieces of your own life and your own desires reflected in their experiences.

Why is this site not open for anyone to post on?

At this time the Sisters who post on this site have way too much to say to hand off the reins to anyone else.  We envision a time in the near future when guest posts may be a possibility for other people of faith.  If you feel you have a post that we should know about, don’t hesitate to email or comment to let us know how to find you.  We love finding posts and blogs from all walks of life.  We read every comment (that fits the comment policy) and are grateful that you took the time to stop by and read our words, and share your experiences.

What are you guidelines for posting comments?

We aren’t really rule girls, per se…but we’re realistic about the mixed bag that is the internet.

In general, your comment may be deleted if it contains…

  • Vulgar language, including cursing, fake cursing, etc.  We don’t want to read it, so use real words and ideas to post a comment, m’kay?
  • Mean-spirited comments.  “I don’t agree with you because…” is perfectly fine. “You are blooming idiots who couldn’t find your way at high noon with a flashlight” is not.  Email if you have questions about common decency vs. disagreeing with a point.  Apparently a lot of people do.
  • Anti-Mormon, Anti-LDS comments, or links to posts or blogs that are clearly against our faith as a whole.  Once again, we don’t mind if you disagree with us on specific issues, but we don’t have to link to or support sites that are not respectful of our faith.  In return we promise to be respectful of other faiths as well.  Let’s just all play nice.
  • Spam.  We hate spam.  You should too.
  • A rambling account of something that has nothing to do with the post.  We hate rambling. You should too.

In addition to this, we reserve the right to ban repeat offenders, and close comments on posts altogether. Also, just so you know, a comment posted on a blog may be around forever, so it’s up to you to use good sense.

But I want to cuss, and say mean things about your faith, and generally make a pest of myself. How am I supposed to do that?

There are many many many places on the internet where this is possible.  Knock yourself, out.  Over there.  Not here.

Why was my comment deleted?

Didn’t we just go over that?  Sheesh, are my kids asking these questions…’cause really.

The site administrator has the right to edit content/comments that are not appropriate and/or do not conform to our standards.

That’s fancy talk for, read the comment policy.  All we’re really asking for is common decency and courtesy.  We’ll give the same to you…we promise.

And if we accidentally delete Great Aunt Edna’s comments about jello salad recipes… we’re sorry.  We’ll make it up to her on Thanksgiving.


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