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General Conference vs Math

During General Conference I prepare notebooks for every child.  I print off conference activity books.  I replace the ragged nubs of wax in our crayon boxes for brand new mega deluxe crayons.  Everything is ready so that we can take notes during all the sessions of conference.

Although I encourage the kids to listen to the talks and take notes on what is actually being said, I’m often content to let them draw pictures of any gospel principle during the sessions of conference.  This is especially true of the younger kids.

So as I sat listening to talks, I noticed that our seven-year-old son was making a chart comparing and contrasting the attributes of cats and dogs.  Impressive for a seven-year-old who’d rather draw that write any words, but not exactly relevant to General Conference.

I leaned over and whispered, “Since you’ve finished your chart, maybe you could listen to the talk and write notes or draw a picture about it.”

He replied, “I really just want to do math.”

I gently reminded, “It’s really important for us to hear what our leaders are telling us.”

And then I left him alone to make his own choice.  5 minutes later, I noticed that he had opted to do a word problem.

“Thomas S. Monson has 4 cows.  He eats one cow for dinner.  How many cows does he have left?”

And that my friends, is an example of a compromise.


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