The Gifts of the Spirit

General Conference is always so uplifting. I always walk away saying, “That was just what I needed.” This time was no different. As my husband, L, and I were talking about the messages he said to me, “They gave a lot of great advice on how to serve others didn’t they? Almost everyone seemed to talk about it in one way or another.” I had to laugh because I’d been thinking the over all themes had been Prayer and Unity. Later I talked to my mom who mentioned she’d loved all the wisdom given on the principle of faith. Thank heaven for men and women who teach with the Spirit and then let Him do His work.


2 Responses

  1. That’s so funny, because I thought they were all about peace in troubled times, which was exactly what I needed to hear. I too am grateful for the Spirit and its individual teaching philosophy!

  2. Both my husband and I got different (but good) things out of conference. The Spirit really does prepare our hearts to receive what we need at the moment. I go back and listen again and find other things that I didn’t really remember the first time…so amazing.

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