Family Home Evening: Prophets

This weeks Family Home Evening lesson from LDS Living is on Prophets (click HERE for the lesson). Could there have been a better topic for FHE tomorrow night? Nope. The 178th Semiannual General Conference will take place this Saturday and Sunday. My excitement and anticipation seems to grow more the week before conference convenes.

I have never really prepared myself for conference. I just sit and listen, but this time I want to make sure that I get my ‘temporal ducks’ in a row so that I can give my full attention to the speakers instead of thinking about the things I need to cram in to the 2-hour break between sessions.

Two weeks ago our Stake had the privilage of having Elder Bednar speak to us. One week ago I was on vacation in Salt Lake City where I attended a concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony – and President Monson was there. 24 hours ago I listened to the General Relief Society Meeting. In less than a week I will be able listen to the words of the Prophet and our leaders again. This mega-dose of spiritual goodness is wonderful!

My sister-in-law once made ‘conference bingo cards’ for her kids to use during conference. They placed a piece of candy in each squre when they heard a specific word…if I can get my hands on it I’ll share it here for everyone to use.

What are some other ways to prepare yourself or your family for conference?
What activities do you prepare for your children to keep them focused on the talks?

The First Presidency

::The First Presidency::


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