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Book Review: No One Can Take Your Place

Many years ago I had the opportunity to attend a LDS woman’s meeting in which Sheri Dew spoke at. She gave an exceptional talk focused on our individual roles on earth, and how no one could take our place. A year later, her book came out on the same subject. I bought it. I read it. I soaked it up. I read it again, and again learning something new each time trying to understand what my place was in my Mormon-single-adult world.

Years later, as a married woman, I had a conversation with Brother Patience (my husband) about his role as a husband and my role as a wife:

Brother Patience, why is it that men and women are so different, and yet we can’t seem to live without each other?”
“If we were the same, had the same roles, same strengths, same weaknesses, then we wouldn’t need each other.”

Ta-da! His simple answer struck me like lightening. If my husband could do everything a woman could do (thankfully not) then he wouldn’t need me. If I could do all that he does, and have all the strengths that he has then certainly I wouldn’t need him.

We all have individual roles, missions, or ‘places’ here on earth. No one else can be my mom but my mom. No one else can be my father’s daughter but me. No one else can be the parents of my future children other than my husband and I. We are here to fulfill our roles in whatever capacity it may be; husband, wife, aunt, daughter, son, grandparent or child.

Sheri Dew does a fantastic job explaining our individual roles in her book “No One Can Take Your Place“. I highly recommend it for either a new read or a re-read.

Happy reading!


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