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Primary Songs

When I was a lonely convert of just a few months, I was given the gift of a caring visiting teacher.  We were both busy students struggling to manage families, education, and finances, but she came faithfully each month and brought the spirit with her into my home.

On my birthday, she brought another type of gift, the Children’s Hymns on CD.  Because our ward was a student ward, we didn’t have a primary, and I’d never heard most of the children’s hymns before.  I found that listening to them, even though I didn’t know any of the words, brought that same peaceful spirit in to my home.

The children’s songs taught me very plain and precious truths about the gospel and they’ve continued to do that for my children.

My children and I had a rough day today.  They were excited, anticipating the start of school.  I was busy trying to balance my callings, PTA, family, and household management.  It didn’t take long for tensions and tears to arise.

My ten-year-old son went upstairs and retrieved the same CDs that were given to me so many years ago by my visiting teacher.  He placed a CD in the boombox and the atmosphere began to change in our home.

As we listened to the music playing in the background of our day, tension melted away, understanding increased, and peace arrived.

They say that music soothes the savage beast, and I’ve found that these sweet and simple gospel songs can even get through my stubborn bad attitudes, leaving me with a warm feeling of love and calmness.

My favorite hymns from the Children’s Songbook:

Many songs are able to be downloaded from LDS.org.

I’ve actually created a playlist of hymns to help us as we get ready for church.  Or on days like today, when we needed an extra reminder.

What are your favorite hymns?  Do you have one memorized that you hum during hard times or on hard days?


One Response

  1. I am not sure how I stumbled upon your site but I did! I liked this post about primary songs. I truly feel the spirit so strongly when I hear the sweet music. Over the weekend I was at a leadership training meeting and as I walked down the hall the primary meeting was getting started with what else but a primary song! I instantly filled up with emotion and felt the love of our Savior so strong. We have the CD of primary songs that I don’t play often enough! I like your idea of playing it on Sunday mornings and just when your family needs a little something extra! Thanks for sharing =D

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