Monday’s FHE Lesson

The Holy Ghost

Monday’s lesson, provided by LDS Living, is on the Holy Ghost. I giggled when I saw that the activity for this lesson is Hot or Cold, which I often played in my youth. I remember my brother and I hiding things around the house and then giving each other hints of varing temperatures (cold, warm, warmer, hot, very hot, you are buring up…) to clue us into where the item had been hidden. We always found what we  were searching for, but only if we listened to the directions.

A few years back my husband, Brother Patience, told me something that changed my life forever. We were driving somewhere, and happened to be at an intersection, waiting for cars to pass through so that we could make a left-hand turn. My patience was running thin, and I felt that the light would turn red before we could turn. As soon as the traffic light turned yellow I yelled “just turn now!”. He didn’t. He stayed put. I automaticllay questioned his decision to wait for another green light over speeding through the yellow so we could save a few minutes of travel time. His response was this: “It is better to waste a moment of your life than to waste your life in a moment.” He was right. I had nothing to say to that. I watched the light turn green and we safely, and legally, made it through the busy intersection.

I find myself listening more when I can’t ‘hear’. It’s amazing how much influence the Spirit has in our lives if we allow it. I now take more time each day listening to the promptings of the spirit…I am willing to give small moments to listen…and it makes a difference.

CLICK HERE to download the pdf version of the lesson on The Holy Ghost.

Happy FHE night!


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