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The Nursery

I am currently the nursery leader in my ward, and I am one of those who was actually thrilled about recieving a calling to be in the nursery.  Call me crazy.  There are a few things that I’ve found I would not be able to survive nursery without.  The Random Sampler in last month’s Ensign offered a great article entitled Do’s for Nursery Leaders . I COMPLETELY second everything they said. Not because I know all the Do’s, but because I’ve tried out quite a few of the Dont’s.  In addition to the things in this article, I’ve found a few other things that I never leave my house Sunday morning without:     

1.  My Nursery Schedule.  Having a schedule is the best nursery tip I recieved.  I’ve found that breaking the two-hours of nursery into 15-25 minute blocks of time helps the kids feel more settled in nursery.  It also helps the time fly by instead of drag on.  Here is an example of our nursery schedule so you know what I mean:

Beginning of nursery-10:30: This is our Welcome time.  We do puzzles and make felt pictures while everyone is making the transistion from Sacrament Meeting to Classes

10:30-10:40:  We have our Lesson found in the Primary 1 Manual.  

10:40-10:50: We do a Lesson Activity-something the kids don’t have to sit still for. We usually do an activity suggested by the Manual or a coloring page that relates to the lesson.

10:50-11:05: We do Snack Time!  It is definately one of our favorites. 

11:05-11:20: Singing Time is a good transition for us because it allows fast eaters to have something to do and slow eaters to finish eating.

11:20-11:45: We have Play Time.

11:45-11:50: We Clean Up the nursery and put everything away

11:50-Parents Come: We read Books

2.  Deseret Book offers two CDs that I don’t know what I’d do without called Super Little Singers and Primary Partners: Nursery to age 3These two CDs take care of our Singing Time and Lesson Activity Time every week so that I don’t even have to think about what we are doing.  The CDs are also available in book version for a slightly lower price, but I totally recommend the CD version.  It is so nice to be able to just re-print anything that gets demolished in nursery, which, let’s face it, happens regularly.  Also, all the visual aids on the Super Little Singers CD can be printed in COLOR or black and white.  Yeah! It only took me a few hours to print and cut a whole file box full of fun songs to sing during Singing Time.  My nursery kids love the activities and songs as well.

3.  Sticky Notes:  I like to have a sticky note pad handy to jot down fun, cute and spiritual things that my nursery kids do and say each week.  I have two small children of my own so I don’t get to sit and listen at church very much any more.  I’ve found that if I’m making an effort to still be taught, the Spirit teaches me very personal lessons through the words and actions of these innocent spirits.  I’m amazed sometimes by the very peaceful and needed lessons that I’m taught in the midst of constant movement.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, you certainly know your stuff!!! You are a true Nursery guru 😉

  2. This is the perfect post about Nursery! I’ve always dreaded being called to be the Nursery Leader, but I think I could handle it if I had a schedule!

    And you are by far the best Nursery Leader in the world. Just ask my daughter!

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