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“I Love Jesus”

That was the sentence written at the top of the picture I was holding in my hands today.  It’s a wonderful statement.  Most moms would be thrilled to see that their child had written it…and I was.  But I was also confused.  The picture showed a bunch of people riding horses.  I wondered what the picture could possibly have in common with the statement written above it.

So I asked the artist…an eight-year-old little girl who was now happily watching her brother race his M&M Go-Kart around a virtual track on the Wii.

“Sweetie, I just saw this picture.  It’s beautiful.  Can you tell me about it.” (This is my own personal trick for when I don’t understand a child’s pictures, but don’t want to hurt their feelings.)

She responded, “It says, ‘I Love Jesus’.  And I drew our whole family riding horses together.”

She proceeded to name off all of her brothers, her sister, her mom, and dad.  Then she pointed to the last person in the picture.

“And this is Jesus.  I gave him the best horse.”

And then she went back to watching her brother. 

But I stayed where I was, staring at the picture.  Sure enough, the most beautiful pony had been reserved for her Savior.

I thought of all of the stories I’ve read about and examples I’ve known of those who give their best for the Lord.

I began to wonder if the prayers I hurriedly rushed through at the end of the day…if personal scripture study done 5 minutes before my favorite TV show started…if time spent in church meetings as my mind drifted to what I’d do later…counted as the best I had to offer.

I began to think that some of my offerings were the worst looking ponies in my herd.

So I made a new commitment based on my daughter’s brief lesson.  I want to try to offer the best of myself…the best that I have to the Lord.  I’d like to rearrange my priorities a little.  I’d like to try to put Him first a little more.

I’m grateful for my daughter’s pure heart and strong faith.  She was able to teach her mommy a very important lesson today.  And I’m grateful to my Savior for all that I’ve been given.  And for the chance to serve Him more fully as I grow in understanding and ability.


One Response

  1. what a powerful message from a simple drawing! children are so wonderful. sometimes i think that they are more in tune with the spirit because they are still the ‘freshest from heaven’.

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