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Saturday’s Links

How Church Magazines Are Made Interesting look at how a magazine is put together from content, to printing, to delivery. Ensign, July 2008

Create Your Own Handcart Great activity to celebrate the pioneers at a Family Home Evening or just for random fun. The Friend, July 2008

Survey: New Era Covers Take a survey on the New Era covers.  The New Era is the church’s magazine for teenagers.

Peace In Your Hearts A new online course designed by the church to help families learn to better manage their finances.

What I’d Like for You to Know: Mother of a Stillborn Child A touching first-hand account from a mother who lost a child.  What she’d like others to know. Rocks In My Dryer 2008

Planning a Successful Family Reunion MormonChic

I Spy Bags Enrichment Cottage

If you know of a post, talk, or craft that should be highlighted at Sister Somebody, please contact us and share the link.


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  1. Oooh! Great links! Thanks!

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