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Scripture Study: How To Start

Neither my husband, nor I are scriptorians.  We’re kind of like the opposite.

Every time we went to church and sat in a meeting, at least one of the speakers managed to bring up a quote about how scripture study will solve most of the problems that we face.  And so, after every meeting we felt a new resolve to hold daily family scripture study.  And then we got home.  Let’s just say our resolve wasn’t that strong.

About four years ago, my husband decided it was time to do something.  With our children ranging in age from six to two-years-old I knew it would be a challenge.  And yet, he insisted.  I’m not too proud to admit that I wasn’t fully on board.  I imagined that it would take only a few nights before he gave up the tomfoolery, but I was wrong.

He started small, by showing a short video from the animated Book of Mormon Stories.  He showed the same video each night of the week and pointed out new things for the kids to notice each night.  When the children had questions about the videos, he would pull out the scriptures and read the account directly. When the next week began, we moved on to a new story.

It was shocking.  Our children were listening.  They were commenting.  They were excited for our scripture study time.  There were times when it was very hard.  There were times when nobody seemed to listen, or I felt like I wasn’t getting anything out of this…and felt sure that they couldn’t be either.

But something strange started happening.  People began commenting to me about how knowledgeable my children were in the scriptures.  I started knowing answers to questions in Sunday School.  Our Family Home Evenings became more interesting and regular.  Even the atmosphere in our home was changing.

I’ve never enjoyed being wrong so much.

We used the Book of Mormon DVD for two years.  During the third year, we used the Old Testament DVD.  It was amazing to watch my children draw connections between the two books of scriptures.

This year, for the first time, we made a commitment to read 1 chapter of the Book of Mormon each night as a family.  We’ve made it a priority.  And since our reading began in January, we’ve missed only one night, and tonight finished 3 Nephi Chapter 19.

I am so grateful that we stuck to scripture study with our family each night.  I can literally see the blessings it has brought into our home.  I know we’ve created a habit that has become second nature to our children (and their parents).  It’s my sincere hope and prayer that this habit will continue to help strengthen and fortify the members of my family as they go forward to walk in the world.


One Response

  1. Great advice! I will need to adopt the same routine with our kids (someday). And I see that the word ‘priority’ in your experience, and that is key!

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