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Family Home Evening

Are you struggling with having Family Home Evening regularly? Want some help? Read on…

Family Home Evening is a program in the church that typically occurs on Monday nights. There are several puropses of FHE (Family Home Evening); family time, teaching gospel prinicples, strengthening love for other family members and to become closer to God. Elder Faust gave an excellent talk titled “Enriching Our Lives Through Family Home Evening” that I highly recommend.

My memories of FHE in my home growing up are very few. During college and for years afterward I participated in FHE groups through my Young Single Adult wards. Although FHE was not with my immediate family, I was able to make many friends through my FHE groups while strengthening my testimony and relationship with God.

Once I began to seriously date my then-boyfriend-now-husband, I developed a strong desire to have FHE with him. The strange thing at the time was that we were dating long distance. Two states away, with cell phones in our hands (during the late night hours of free minutes) we had our first FHE, and it was wonderful! Since that first night on our cell phones we rarely, and I mean rarely, miss our Monday night time together. Everything stops for FHE. We absolutely cannot live without it. The very few times we didn’t have FHE we noticed an emptiness in our week, which always prompted us do a “make-up FHE” a few days later.

Here are some great tips and an awesome resource that can be used to make FHE preparations easier and more purposeful:

FHE Lesson Plans: Every Monday I get an email from LDS Living with a new lesson that gives you everything you need for a complete lesson (conference talk, scripture, thought, song, object lesson, story, activity, and even a recipe for a treat!) You can either visit the FHE site weekly or subscribe to the newletter to receive your lesson plan each Monday.

FHE Tips: There are several articles on the LDS Living site that are helpful when it comes to holding a with your families.  If you are struggling with weekly FHE, or want to know some ways to make FHE successful, then I recommend reading 10 TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL FAMILY HOME EVENING.

Quality. Plan ahead, don’t wing it. Pray for inspiration as you plan your lessons so that you teach what your family needs to learn.

Consistency. Have FHE every Monday night, or the same time every week, no matter what. Make it a priority that you absolutely cannot do without (because once you start to love it, you will need it, and you will miss it when you don’t have it).

Participation. Make everyone feel that they are part of FHE. Give out assignments or make an FHE chart so that everyone knows what they need to prepare for a week in advance.

Excitement! FHE should not be a boring, weekly obligation. Make sure that you involve an activity that allows everyone to relax and have a good time away from everyday life.

It’s not too late to start having FHE in your homes. Plan a small lesson and an activity and you, too, will see how wonderful it is to make FHE a part of your home life.


One Response

  1. Wow! These tips are great. I know sometimes FHE is really a struggle. I wonder if anybody is really getting anything out of it…besides headaches. But my kids beg for family home evening and won’t let us miss.

    They’ve even started helping plan the meetings, which is really nice. Sometimes a little bizzare, but really nice.

    Great tips, Sister Aloha!

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