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Meet Sister Daisy

Hi, I am Sister Daisy and here are just a few things about me:

  • I am definitely in the kids stage of life.  I have two beautiful little girls I try to keep up with most of the day.  My oldest daughter is three and the youngest is almost one.  As well as spending most of my week days with little kiddos, I am also the nursery leader of my ward.  I used to be an elementary school teacher. so I love the fact that I get to be around little kids so often.
  • Although I love this stage 98% of the time, I do struggle with how to balance everything-kids, church, family and manage to not completely loose myself in the mix.
  • I have been a member of the church my whole life.  I am one of those Mormons whose grandparents have traced their genealogy back 17 or so generations.  I grew up in a mostly LDS community and loved it.  I have a strong testimony of the gospel mostly because I’ve seen the impact it has had on, not only my life. but on the lives of the people closest to me.
  • I am a flower person, my favorite being the Gerber Daisy. Hence the name, Sister Daisy.
  • My favorite new hobby is photography and I hope to some day get really good at it.

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