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Meet Sister Aloha

  • I’m Sister Aloha because I used to live in Hawaii and I miss it. I miss the beach, the sand in my swimsuit, year-round flip flops, shave ice, manapua, musubi and mochi crunch. You can take the girl out of Hawaii but you can’t take Hawaii out of the girl.
  • I was born in Mesa, Arizona. Various places I have lived include…Utah, Oregon, Texas, Tonga and Hawaii. I have a BA in Music/Vocal Performance from BYU-Hawaii.  I am deliriously in love with a handsome Bolivian man that I have been married to since 2004. No kids yet….just two adorable, green plants.
  • I enjoy being married, spending time with friends & family, playing games, watching movies, rubber stamping, digital scrapbooking, singing, playing the piano, listening to music, swimming, riding my bike, camping, traveling, reading good books, freshly baked bread, and chocolate, of course.
  • I don’t enjoy laundry, ironing, and the absence of chocolate in the house.
  • I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And although I was raised in the church, I still have my own conversion story. My posts will illustrate how I truly came to know and understand why this church is true, and why it is for me.
  • My service in the church is about 95% music callings and 5% ‘other’. The ‘other’ never lasts long because I am always needed to direct the choir, conduct music in sacrament meeting or play the organ or piano.
  • I spent 13 years post-High School as a single woman before I got married, and it was in that time that I gained greater insight into the importance of being an individual, a woman, a woman in the church, a woman in the world today, and a daughter of God.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi! I love your bio, and can relate (especially your laundry, ironing and chocolate sentiments) It was great to have you stop by my blog today and leave a comment. You gals have a super site! Let’s visit each other often. 🙂 – MoSop

  2. ah, manapua! i am currently pregnant and have been craving manapua like it’s nobody’s business! what i wouldn’t give for a little leonard’s love on the mainland!

  3. :::banging head on keyboard::: long day in the sun. never mind, i don’t want manapua. i want me some hot malasadas!

  4. mmmmm….manapua. i need to find some, and quick.

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