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My First Exposure to the Book of Mormon

I was eight or nine years old, and I was watching something on TV that I can’t even remember.  I’d never heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I’d never heard the term Mormon.  I had never seen a Book of Mormon in my life.  As a commercial rolled across the screen, I became mesmerized.

The commercial showed a Bible and images of the Savior.  The narrator’s voice said something like…

“Jesus Christ, Savior of the world.  Every word he spoke was precious.  We study the Bible to learn of him and his words.  But what if there was more…?”

My heart jumped.  I loved the words of Jesus Christ.  As a child, I would seek out the words printed in red in my father’s Bible, in a desire to read His words.  Now this commercial said there might be more written, more to study, more to understand.  Could it be possible?

The narrator continued, “There is more.  The Savior had other sheep.  He visited them and we have a record of his teachings.  The Book of Mormon.”

A blue soft-covered book was on the screen.

There were tears of joy in my eyes as I rushed to find a pen and paper to write down the telephone number at the bottom of the screen.  I had to get this book.  I thought of how excited my entire family would be to read this book with more of the words of our Savior in it.

I scrawled down the number in pen on my hand and ran into the kitchen where my mother was getting an early start on dinner.

“Mommy, mommy, you’re not going to believe this.  It’s amazing.  We have to call Daddy.  We have to call everyone.” I was out of breath and excited all at once.

My mother turned patiently to me and said, “What is it, dear?”

“There’s another book.  The Savior, he wrote more.  There’s more for us to read.  I wrote down the number.  We have to call and get the book.  He has more to say to us.”  The words came out in a rush.

My mother looked at me, confused.

I explained more, “Mommy, it’s called the Book of Mormon.  We have to get it.  Can you please call right now?”

My mother’s expression turned to understanding.  “Oh, honey”, she said patiently, “That’s not a real book.  It’s just the Book of Mormon.”

I was crushed.  It wasn’t real?  But it had seemed so real.  I’d wanted to hear more from my Savior.  I was sad.  I was disappointed.  I felt a little foolish. and I also felt a deep sense of loss.  I couldn’t help but wish that it was real.

It would take more than ten years for me to have my second exposure to the Book of Mormon.  I didn’t even remember that first encounter as I first read a friend’s brown leather-bound copy of the Book of Mormon, carefully inscribed with his name.  I didn’t remember even as I prayed to know of the truth of the words that I had read, and received a shockingly powerful confirmation that overwhelmed me with love and warmth.  It wasn’t until an initial missionary discussion, that an Elder, unloading some items from his backpack, pulled out a blue-covered soft-bound copy of  The Book of Mormon. 

My voice caught in my throat, “What is that?”, I asked as recognition dawned over me.

Surprised, he answered, “It’s the Book of Mormon.”

I couldn’t help the tears that fell from my eyes.  All of those same feelings of joy and wonder at the thought of more of the Savior’s words came back to me.  It was the book.  The book I had so desperately wanted to read.  The one that had been discounted and forgotten.  Yet, here it was.  Here I was. Though I hadn’t recognized it, I had already read it.  I knew it was true.  And though, I was terrified of a very new and different path in front of me, I felt a singularly loving comfort descend on me.

The Savior had said more, and now I had found it.


Sister Somebody

There are a lot of us out there in the world.  We’re normal women who’ve been given a precious gift of knowledge.  We know who we are and we know what our ultimate destination will be.  We’ve been given obstacles on our way to that destination.  Some of them, we share in experience.  Others we can share only by offering to bear part of a burden that wasn’t initially ours.

We are sisters in Zion.  We are LDS women of courage, faith, and love.

This blog is called “Sister Somebody” because it could be any sister anywhere trying to do the same things that I’m try to do in my daily life.  I’m trying to cultivate my talents, strengthen my testimony, be an instrument in the hands of my Heavenly Father.  I’m trying to raise a family, earn exaltation, and comfort those in desperate need of compassion and care.

I make so many mistakes, which teaches me a reliance on the Atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ, that I would otherwise not have.  I fall on my knees a lot to tell my Father that I’m sorry,  that I’m grateful, and at times,  that I’m weary of the road.  I have felt his spirit overcome me with comfort.

I also have many successes, thanks to the mercies of the Lord.  They are humbling to me, although I am able to look back at where I once was, and be excited about all that I’ve grown into, and all I might someday become.

In my life there are trials, and incredible blessings.  In my life there is sorrow, and immense joy.  In my life there is humor, and heartache.  Does this sound like your life? 

This blog is about being an LDS Woman from my perspective.  It is by no means the only perspective out there.  But, what I hope, is that women who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and women who are not, might find a commonality here that links us together as something singularly special in the Lord’s eternal plan. 

Because we are.

Meet Sister Whimsy

  • Whimsy can mean fanciful, quaint, and odd….which pretty much sums me up.  Also, it sort of sounds like wimp.  Which is what you’ll call me if we ever go on a camp-out together.  It’s okay, I’m used to it.
  • I grew up in a Christian home, but was always searching for more truth about my Father in Heaven and my Savior, Jesus Christ…
  • I found it when I was 19 in the Book of Mormon, and the knowledge that families can be together forever.
  • Then I had a family…1 husband and 5 kids, so far. Now sometimes I wonder if forever isn’t really an insanely long time. (Just kidding, darling!)
  • More than ten years after my baptism, I’m finally at a point in my life when I forget, at least for a little while, that I wasn’t born into the knowledge that I have today. I’m a slow learner, but my Father in Heaven knows that, and gives me ample opportunities to repeat lessons until I get them right.
  • I’ve served in callings ranging from the Emergency Prepardness Coordinator to the YW secretary, Primary teacher, and Enrichment Leader. My favorite callings have always been as part of the Relief Society.
  • I try really hard to be what my Father in Heaven would have me be. I find comfort and strength in the scriptures, prayer, and the lessons my children teach me.
  • I find very little comfort in laundry.
  • I hope that in my words you can see a glimmer of familiarity, some simple truths, and more importantly, a picture of a real Sister in Christ.

Want to meet the other sisters?

Sister Aloha  Sister Daisy  Sister Sunbeam

Meet Sister Sunbeam

Hi, I’m Sister Sunbeam.

  • I derived the name “Sunbeam” from one of the youngest groups in Primary, which is a Sunday school organization for children and also where I am currently serving in the Church.  I call myself this because, although I’ve been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints my whole life, I still feel like I have an awful lot to learn.
  • I am the mother of two beautiful sons (we’ve only seen the second one on an ultrasound, but we think he’s pretty cute) and the wife to one handsome, amazing and incredibly brilliant guy. Besides my favorite occupation as a wife and mother, I am a cosmetologist by profession and I work out of my home one day a week.
  • I enjoy spending time with my family, artistic outlets (which for me include hair design, blogging, scrap booking, illustration, sewing, interior design, and sidewalk chalk), swimming, karaoke contests, playing sports (I’m partial to soccer), a clean house, arm scratches, good books and very hot bubble baths.
  • I do not enjoy stress or large bugs – and especially not both at the same time.
  • Most of my callings in the church have been within the Primary. I love the simplicity of the Gospel as it is taught to children. It reminds me of what is truly important in life, and gives us basic instruction on what we need to do in this life to return to our Heavenly Father.
  • I have always known that the church is true. Even when I questioned my testimony of it, which happened often in my adolescence – I always felt a burning in my heart that reaffirmed what I had been taught through the Spirit was correct. In many ways, the instruction that I have received from the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been the only constant I could turn to, to find comfort and truth. I have seen countless blessings and miracles through the power of the priesthood, and I am honored and grateful to call myself a member of the Church.

 Want to meet the other sisters?

Sister Aloha  Sister Daisy  Sister Whimsy

Meet Sister Daisy

Hi, I am Sister Daisy and here are just a few things about me:

  • I am definitely in the kids stage of life.  I have two beautiful little girls I try to keep up with most of the day.  My oldest daughter is three and the youngest is almost one.  As well as spending most of my week days with little kiddos, I am also the nursery leader of my ward.  I used to be an elementary school teacher. so I love the fact that I get to be around little kids so often.
  • Although I love this stage 98% of the time, I do struggle with how to balance everything-kids, church, family and manage to not completely loose myself in the mix.
  • I have been a member of the church my whole life.  I am one of those Mormons whose grandparents have traced their genealogy back 17 or so generations.  I grew up in a mostly LDS community and loved it.  I have a strong testimony of the gospel mostly because I’ve seen the impact it has had on, not only my life. but on the lives of the people closest to me.
  • I am a flower person, my favorite being the Gerber Daisy. Hence the name, Sister Daisy.
  • My favorite new hobby is photography and I hope to some day get really good at it.

Want to meet the other sisters?

Sister Aloha  Sister Sunbeam  Sister Whimsy

Meet Sister Aloha

  • I’m Sister Aloha because I used to live in Hawaii and I miss it. I miss the beach, the sand in my swimsuit, year-round flip flops, shave ice, manapua, musubi and mochi crunch. You can take the girl out of Hawaii but you can’t take Hawaii out of the girl.
  • I was born in Mesa, Arizona. Various places I have lived include…Utah, Oregon, Texas, Tonga and Hawaii. I have a BA in Music/Vocal Performance from BYU-Hawaii.  I am deliriously in love with a handsome Bolivian man that I have been married to since 2004. No kids yet….just two adorable, green plants.
  • I enjoy being married, spending time with friends & family, playing games, watching movies, rubber stamping, digital scrapbooking, singing, playing the piano, listening to music, swimming, riding my bike, camping, traveling, reading good books, freshly baked bread, and chocolate, of course.
  • I don’t enjoy laundry, ironing, and the absence of chocolate in the house.
  • I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And although I was raised in the church, I still have my own conversion story. My posts will illustrate how I truly came to know and understand why this church is true, and why it is for me.
  • My service in the church is about 95% music callings and 5% ‘other’. The ‘other’ never lasts long because I am always needed to direct the choir, conduct music in sacrament meeting or play the organ or piano.
  • I spent 13 years post-High School as a single woman before I got married, and it was in that time that I gained greater insight into the importance of being an individual, a woman, a woman in the church, a woman in the world today, and a daughter of God.

Want to meet the other sisters?

Sister Daisy  Sister Sunbeam  Sister Whimsy